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Creating & Managing your own Advertising Network

  • noiembrie 25th, 2015
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Are you tired of searching for an advertising network that would be perfect for your campaigns? You tried a lot of advertising networks but the results were unsatisfying? Maybe it’s time to think about creating your own advertising network.

How do you do that? It’s simple.

#1 Creating the Advertising Network

First, you need to find someone who can make an advertising network for you. Assuming you don’t have the programming skills necessary to create one by yourself, nor the time.  I personally bought one from GetPopUnder and I’d recommend them to anyone who want to start in this business. They create a great product at a very good price with an astonishing quality.


You have to choose between 3 offers:

#1 – The Standard License – It offers you a starting point in advertising. They give you an already made platform with everything necessarily to test the business at an extremely low price: $500. It’s a great offer for people whom want to test this business without having a great budget for this. However, they offer you just the platform, so you must make the design and find some servers where you wish to host them. Also, the platform is encoded so you can’t add any new features to it unless you upgrade it to the Pro license.

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